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Executive Director MCM2.0 Bio










Marvin Perry the Executive Director of Morgan Community Mile. Is a ten year employee, who originally started with writing grant and monitoring time and effort of the faculty and staff. He later became the Managing Director for the GESTAR Internship program. He trained and developed over 25 students, in NASA research. He has worked with countless number of students on community projects, contracts and internship. He is currently in his last year of Community College & Leadership Doctoral Program (Ed.D). He has a Masters in City and Regional Planning. He also has certification in Community Development, Grant-writing, Non-profit Development, and he is a Community Leadership Training expert, under the Leadership Management Institute Program (LMI). Conducted interdisciplinary higher education town meetings at local municipalities and developed tourism and economic development plans for Preston, Maryland in Caroline County. He has publications on water mitigation plan for the Chesapeake Maryland water waves. Conducted homeless studies and authored reports for the Baltimore City Homeless services in their bi-annual HUD Homeless Count. Mr. Perry’s City and Regional Planning Masters research project was on the Redevelopment of Northwood Shopping Center. Conducted economic development research and reports for Baltimore City. Developed a tourism and economic plans for Preston, Easton, Cambridge, and Maryland in Caroline County.