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The Morgan StreamWalk Project

The Morgan StreamWalk project is a long-term plan to create a multi-use trail through Morgan’s campus, along the Herring Run and Chinquapin Run streams. By creating this trail, Morgan will be connected to Mount Pleasant Park to the north, Chinquapin Park to the west, and Herring Run Park to the south, allowing community members access to all surrounding green spaces. During construction of the trail, the Morgan Community Mile will continue regular stream clean-up efforts, including both trash removal and invasive plant control. The vegetation along the streams is currently choked by English Ivy and Kudzu (trailing perennial vines), among other invasive plants, and will require concentrated effort to bring under control. The stream itself is littered with all kinds of trash, from plastic bags and food wrappers to larger waste such as shopping carts and car parts. However, with help from both Morgan State community members and those from surrounding neighborhoods, we hope to significantly improve the health and appearance of the streams. We hope that by giving community members greater access to green spaces, it will lead to a greater appreciation for natural resources, and foster a sense of responsibility for the well-being of the environment.

Chinquapin Stream
Chinquapin Run Stream
Herring Run Park
Herring Run Stream