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MCM at Morgan’s 5th Innovation Day!

Yesterday, a contingent from the Morgan Community Mile traveled to Annapolis for Morgan Innovation Day, an event at which Morgan students, faculty, and staff, and those working in connected programs, show off their contributions to Morgan and beyond over the past year. The event was attended by notable members of the state government, including the lieutenant governor, as well as Morgan’s own President, Dr. Wilson, and other key Morgan administrators. Dr. Victor McCrary, the university’s Vice President of the Department of Research and Economic Development, seemed to be everywhere–proudly surveying the scene.

Accompanying Ellis Brown, Katina Burley, and Gussie Maguire, the core of the MCM, were students Blake Fisher and Kevin Flournoy, both of whom work with Professor Sen on planning and economic development in the area around Morgan. Mike Hilliard, Secretary of the MCM Board, also attended. Everyone conversed animatedly with interested attendees about their projects and the virtues of the Morgan Community Mile.

Morgan Innovation Day was a resounding success, demonstrating the incredible, creative, intelligent minds at Morgan, and their potential to impact not only the school, the city, and the state of Maryland, but the nation as well.

Below is the video shown at the MCM’s table at Morgan Innovation Day!
MCM Morgan Innovation Day