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Community Data

The data collected is based on the 9 Community Statistical Areas (CSA) encompassing surrounding Morgan State University. Community Statistical Areas are clusters of neighborhoods developed by the City’s Planning Department based on recognizable city neighborhoods (Baltimore City Planning, 2104). Data reported for the CSAs follow the updated 2010 Census Tract boundaries which corresponds to neighborhoods which vary in size.

Many of the data sources for the measured indicators come from several secondary sources: Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA), Baltimore City OPEN Data, Baltimore City Police Department-Northeast Police District, and Maryland State Report Card. The secondary sources for data include vital signs or indicators under a wide range of topic areas that have been generated internally or externally. Due to generation of information, the MCM examines public data information that fit the information needs of the selected priority indicators.

MCM Priority Area 1: Public Health, Crime and Safety Goals

  • Improve safety on the MSU campus and community environments
  • Address specific health concerns for the community
  • Work with student organizations to create awareness in the community on health & safety seminars, conferences and clean-up exercises
  • Raise awareness about environmental sustainability through community education and outreach
  • Improve the quality of the natural environments within the MCM geographical areas and Morgan State University campus

MCM Priority Area 2: Education and Youth Development Goals

  • Improve the quality of schools in the Northeast neighborhoods
  • Develop research-based and partnership-driven policy initiatives to support education
  • Partner with initiatives, projects and programs in the development and empowerment of youths in our neighborhood in education and sport
  • Partner with institutions, organizations, and agencies to sponsor educational competitions, and internships

MCM Priority Area 3: Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Goals

  • Support business and entrepreneurial courses and programs for artisan, students and business persons within the MCM geographical areas and Morgan State University campus
  • Partner faculty and students in applying for grant that will be beneficial to Morgan State University and MCM geographical areas
  • Increase marketability of the communities around Morgan to build a vibrant local economy
  • Encourage the revitalization of commercial areas to attract business opportunities

MCM Priority Area 4: C.A.R.E.S (Creativity Art Recreation Entertainment and Services Goals

  • Support programs and events with mutual benefits for Morgan State University and MCM geographical areas
  • Raise awareness about recreational and entertainment activities in our community through community education and outreach
  • Partner with institutions, organizations and agencies to sponsor art and music competitions



Arcadia Improvement Association Gene Ward
Belair-Edison Community Association Rita Crews
Beverly Hills Improvement Association Mary Buedel
Cedmont Community Improvement Association Linda Gruzs
Cedonia Community Association Winette Downer
East Rosemont Community Association Erica Wernery
Frankford Improvement Association Barbara Jackson
Gardenville Community Association Pete Moody
Gardenville Community Association Patricia Long
Glenham-Belhar Community Association Anne Yastremski
Hamilton Hills Neighborhood Assn Gavin Schmitt
Harford Park Community Association Cathy Thompson 
Lauraville Improvement Assn Cecilia Landers
Mayfield Improvement Assn Deborah Mason
Moravia-Walther Imp Assn John Harris
Morgan Park Imp Assn Valencia D. Baker
North Harford Rd Community Association Lisa Daniels
Overlea Community Assn Carol Stover
Parkside Improvement Assn Jean Eckles
Valley Park Community Assn Kim Sealover
Waltherson Improvement Association Robert Walshe
Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association Alison James
Business Associations
Gardenville-Belair Business Association. Cathy Kratovil
Hamilton Business Association Krista Cushman
Overlea-Fullerton Business & Professional Association Donna Bethke
Valley Park Community Assn Kim Sealover